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Services and Products

The goal of Foreign Women - USA City Kit is to address adjustment issues for new immigrants to the United States and to provide the resources necessary for a successful, comfortable adaptation to their new home.

To do this, Foreign Women - USA City Kit offers the following assistance in the adjustment process:

Orientation Guide

Foreign Women - USA City Kit offers a customized Orientation Guide which includes information on housing, transportation, schools, libraries, entertainment and food services within the fifteen mile radius to which the immigrant is relocating.

The Orientation Guide also includes specific information about moving to the United States, such as such as how to file U.S. taxes and how to obtain a driver's license and social security number.

Ethnic/Cultural Resources

Foreign Women - USA City Kit provides information on ethnic activities and cultural groups in the area where the immigrant will be living. This resource is personalized for the specific ethnic/cultural group and country of origin.

Competitive Immigration Legal Fees

Foreign Women - USA City Kit provides immigration services through the immigration law firm of Ms. Jones. The firm offers immigration support services should the immigrant desire to extend immigration benefits to family members or to adjust their own immigration status.

Orientation and E-mail Support

Foreign Women - USA City Kit provides orientation e-mail support for the immigrant during their orientation process.

Translation Services

For an additional fee, Foreign Women - USA City Kit will mail a fully translated version of the Orientation Guide to the immigrant prior to their relocation to United States.

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